Year One: A Year of Humanistic Paganism

Year One: A Year of Humanistic PaganismYear One is an anthology of the first year of works published at the community site for naturalistic spirituality,

Yet this is much more than just an anthology.  Exclusive new material lays out HP’s mission and vision, survey data brings the community to life, and multiple tables of contents arrange the articles in fresh and revealing patterns.  Altogether more than 50 articles from over a dozen authors explore life at the intersection of science and myth.

This work includes brand new material:

  • Nine months: The story of HP and its mission
  • Rain dance: A vision for HP

Whether you’re new to HP or an old veteran, you’re going to love Year One.  You can choose from one of four tables of contents that put the articles in a fresh light:

  • Topical Table of Contents – a practical route
  • Critical Questions Table of Contents – responses to critics
  • Fourfold Path Table of Contents – the basic framework of HP’s path
  • Four Elements Table of Contents – a contemplative experience

Get your copy of Year One today – available now for your e-reader!

Year One: A Year of Humanistic Paganism

Editor: B. T. Newberg

Pages: 259

Color photos: 37

Formats: epub, pdf

Price: epub $12, or pdf $0+ (pay what you think it’s worth!)

© 2011

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