Encounters in nature

Encounters in NatureFrom the review:

“…when I saw the finished product, I was blown away”

“…will anger readers with a strict sense of faith, and provoke those with an interest in exploring outside their own own beliefs”

“…a candid dialogue between three devotees of three very different paths, exploring one of the greatest forces to shape the history of religion: nature itself”

– Drew Jacob

Pages: 70, Color photos: 39, Audio: 1 hr 12 min

Price: $8 epub or $0+ pdf

© 2011. All rights reserved.

Listen here

Recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone on a Macbook

Should you experience troubles with the audio Flash player, you can also get the show free on iTunes Store.


Much more than a transcript, this is an audio-visual experience. Illustrated with lush full-color photography throughout, and accompanied by audio podcast links, the conversation comes alive. Here’s a screen shot:

Encounters screen shot

On top of that, the conversation is complemented with a selection of Bonus Materials. Check out the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Section I. An Open-air Dialogue in the North Woods
1. Sharing of Paths
2. Three Eyes on Nature
3. Story Time
4. Going Wild
5. Bringing It Home
Section II. Bonus Materials
What is Humanistic Paganism? by B. T. Newberg
The Heroic Life, by Drew Jacob
Oungan François, by Urban Haas
A Review of Drew Jacob’s Walk Like a God, by B. T. Newberg

This was a labor of love, done in the spirit of dialogue, so download it and share it widely with your friends. Tweet it, share it on Facebook, Stumble it, and email it around.

Here are some more screenshots to entice you…

Encounters screen shot

Encounters screen shot

Download it now, and share it widely!

Last but not least, share in the conversation yourself! Speak up in the comments section.

What’s your story of an encounter in nature?

Encounters in Nature: An Open-air Dialogue in the North Woods

with Celtic polytheist Drew Jacob, Vodou priest Urban Haas, and Humanistic Pagan B. T. Newberg

Author: B. T. Newberg

Pages: 70

Color photos: 39

Audio: 1 hr 12 min

Formats: epub. pdf

$8 epub – works on most e-readers

$0+ pdf – pay what you think it’s worth!

Buy now

Buy epub at GoodReads or pdf at Oronjo.

Buy epub at GoodReads


Buy pdf at Oronjo




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