Ancient Symbols, Modern Rites

Ancient Symbols Modern Rites Cover ImageThis tutorial explores in depth the liturgy of the contemporary Druidry organization Ar nDraicht Fein (ADF).

ADF is a religion belonging to a larger movement called Contemporary Paganism or Neo-Paganism. Like other Neo-Pagan religions, ADF draws inspiration from ancient polytheistic religions. In particular, it focuses on Indo-European pantheons.

The liturgy of ADF is more nuanced and detailed than nearly any other Neo-Pagan ritual format in practice today. This tutorial explores the liturgy in depth.

Each of the liturgy’s eighteen steps are explained, including:

  • basic description
  • key terms
  • function
  • placement in the liturgy
  • techniques
  • history
  • examples
  • related reading
  • self-test

Also included are optional supplementary steps.

Click below for the pdf (free):

Ancient Symbols Modern Rites A Core Order of Ritual Tutorial (pdf)

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