What are the best article directories for SEO content writers?

London, Petrie and British Library

Free Online Library is the best!

In a previous article, we talked about using article directories to build quick and easy linkbacks.  Two of the most popular are Ezine Articles (ezinearticles.com) and Free Online Library (www.thefreelibrary.com).  Of these, which is the best to use?

There is no hard and fast way to evaluate directories, and answers will vary depending on which SEO content writer you ask.  Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll share the reasons behind my personal preference for Free Online Library.

Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles is a popular directory that publishes everything under a Creative Commons license.  Ezines was hit hard by the Google’s Panda update, when Google updated its search algorithm, but is still fairly popular and functional.  In my experience, however, Ezines has been disappointing.

For one thing, Ezine has published my work relatively slowly, as late as seven days after submission.

For another thing, my articles have been plagiarized numerous times, showing up on websites that give me no credit or linkbacks.  Part of the concept of Ezine Articles is that people can grab articles there quickly and easily and without having to contact the author for permission.  However, Ezine posts specific rules for how to do that.  If they are not followed, that’s plagiarism.  Specifically, articles are supposed to be reproduced as is, including all links.  That should include the by-line, if there is one, as well any linkbacks.  In every case I’ve discovered so far, both by-line and linkback have been neglected.  Since Ezine assumes no responsibility for handling such cases of plagiarism, it’s left up to you to resolve.

For another thing, Ezine Articles’ Page Rank is 6, which isn’t bad, but it is less than that of Free Online Library.  The higher the PR, the better the linkback, and that’s the name of the game.

Free Online Library

After explaining the issues with Ezine Articles, it won’t take much to praise the virtues of Free Online Library.  A simple bullet-point list will suffice:

  • Publication is fast, within two days in my experience.
  • I haven’t experienced any cases of plagiarism, though I’m sure it can still occur.
  • Free Online Library has a higher Page Rank at PR 7 instead of Ezine’s PR 6.

Add to that the concept of Free Online Library: an archive of information.  Rather than the blatantly commercial model of Ezine Articles, Free Online Library just feels more egalitarian and worth supporting.  Of course, that also places a certain responsibility on yourself to avoid abusing it.  Submit quality content only, and good sites like this will be able to stick around (okay, soapbox speech finished!)

Which is better for SEO content writers?

Yep, it’s Free Online Library all the way.  I’m sure you can find plenty who disagree, but based on my experience the one to go with is Free Online Library.

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