How does an SEO content writer use anchor text in linkbacks?

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With anchor links, size does not matter!

In the last two articles here and here, we’ve been talking about linkbacks and have made a number of key points:

  • linkbacks point back to the client’s website
  • the higher the PR of the linking site, the better
  • article directories provide a quick and easy way to build linkbacks
  • put your linkback in the resource box at the end

Now, how do you actually create a linkback?  It may sound straightforward, but there are crucial considerations.  It takes a little more thought than just slapping a URL on a page.  One of the most important considerations is anchor text.

What’s anchor text, and why should an SEO content writer care?

The anchor text is the word or phrase that is displayed on the page.  It’s also what the user clicks on to activate the link.  For example, in the following link, what do you think is the anchor text?

Click here for more travel advice.

That’s right, the anchor text is “travel advice.”  If you hover over the link, you can see the URL to which it points is  That’s the client’s site, which now enjoys a linkback.

Are the words you use as anchor text important?

What you write as anchor text is very important.  This is because search engines assume that the anchor text’s words say something about the site to which they link.  In our example, the anchor text is “travel advice.”  When search engines see this, they recognize that the site must have something to do with “travel advice.”  Thus, it judges the site more relevant for that keyword, and places it higher in search results.

So, given this information, what’s best to use as anchor text?

Use your keyword as anchor text

The whole point of your article is to optimize the client’s site for a given keyword.  Thus, you should use that keyword as the anchor text of your linkback.  That way, search engines will understand that the client’s site is relevant for that keyword.

Key points

To make the best use of anchor text, remember the following points:

  • anchor text is what’s displayed to the user as the hyperlink
  • the words of the anchor text tell search engines something about the site to which they link
  • use the keyword as anchor text

By incorporating these points into writing published on high-PR sites, your linkbacks will send your client’s site rocketing to the top of search results.

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