How does an SEO content writer use linkbacks?

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One of the most important tools of an SEO content writer is the linkback.  Through judicious use of this technique, a few well-placed articles can rocket a site to the top of search results.

What’s a linkback, and why should an SEO content writer care?

A linkback is a link that points back to the client’s website.  When other websites link to a site, search engines take that as a sign that the site is important and relevant.

This is one of the major metrics used by search engines.  Some SEO experts even suggest it may be the most important one, because it is the most difficult to control and thus manipulate to one’s advantage.  However, we know how to work this angle.

Linkback… “back” from where?

“Back” from other websites.  The more important those websites, the better.  All links are good, but some are better than others.  Sites with high authority are best.  Authority is the ability of a site to rank well in search engines.  That depends on many factors, of course, but a simple way to get a rough idea is by its Page Rank, or PR.  You can determine a site’s PR for free by going to Google Page Rank Checker.  All sites start at a PR of zero, and the highest a site can get is PR 10.

In the SEO game, you want to build links from sites with a high PR.  If search engines see that important sites link to your client’s site, they assume the client’s site must be important too.

How to use linkbacks

By now it should be fairly obvious that the way to use linkbacks is by incorporating them into content published on sites with a high PR.  That’s the gist of it.  There are special techniques to do that, though, and in the next article we’ll talk about how to use article directories to create quick and easy linkbacks.

Key points

For now, the key points to remember are:

  • linkbacks point back to the client’s website
  • the higher the PR of the linking site, the better
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