How much money can an SEO content writer make?

Tasty moneyMake no mistake –you’re not going to strike it rich as an SEO content writer. But you can make a living that enables a phenomenal lifestyle.

Many get discouraged right away when they hear about SEO content writers getting paid two dollars per article. There’s no way you can live on that. You could work yourself to the bone and still have to go through the line at the soup kitchen.

How can you eat on two dollars per article? You can’t. But there’s a secret.

What’s the secret?

First of all, the people working for two dollars per article probably don’t live in America. Or Britain or Australia or New Zealand. Most likely, they live in the Philippines, India, or some other country with a very low cost of living and a favorable exchange rate. That’s what makes it worth their while.

So, how can you compete with writers in developing countries willing to work for peanuts?

Your SEO content writer advantage

Never fear – you’ve got an enormous advantage. If you’re a native English speaker with even a modicum of writing talent, your work will blow theirs out of the water.

Clients don’t want writing that sounds foreign, or that uses improper grammar. Every time they contract someone in the Philippines for two dollars, they have to take extra time to edit that work into native-sounding English. They may even have to hire a professional editor. That means two dollars isn’t two dollars – it’s an escalating price tag and a headache.

That’s where you come in. Once clients see you can write decent, natural-sounding English – or better yet, hear it by talking to you on the phone – they’ll pay much higher rates. You are the doctor that cures their headache, and that’s how you’ll sell yourself. They’ll pay more than $30 for an article if they’re convinced you’re good.

Enough to live the lifestyle you want

Thirty dollars for a four-hundred word article isn’t bad. You can write at least two articles per hour, four or more if you’re fast. That calculates to $60-120 per hour!

Of course, you probably won’t be able to keep that up for eight hours a day. But the cash is enough that the other hours of the day can be spent living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Want to spend more time with your spouse or children? Devote yourself to artistic pursuits? Travel? All these become possible with the income of an SEO content writer.

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