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What does an SEO content writer do?

Macbook writing, by Håkan DahlströmAn SEO content writer creates content that optimizes his or her clients’ websites’ results in search engines.

The content may be short articles, web page dialogue, or other online text. The important point is that it is written with search engine traffic in mind. By applying a number of trade secrets, the SEO content writer can drive traffic from search engines to the clients’ website.

What the SEO content writer does for the client

Usually the client provides the writer with a list of keywords. These are search terms related to the website. It’s the dream of every online business to show up first in a Google search for one of their keywords. It’s the writer’s job to help make that dream come true.

The writer takes the client’s list of keywords and writes a number of articles for each. It could be anywhere from five to 25 articles. For example, if the client is an online comic book shop, they might commission 20 articles on the keyword phrase “order comics online,” 15 on “graphic novels for sale,” 10 on “buy Marvel comics,” and five on “latest Spider-Man issue.”

What the client does with the SEO content

The articles created on these keywords include certain trade secrets to optimize their effect on search engines. Then they are sent to the client for publication, and may be published on the client’s website or blog. Search engines will find them, notice they mention Spider-man a lot, and show the client’s website at the top of the search results found by Spidey fans looking for the latest issue.

Alternatively, the articles may be published at article directories like Ezine Articles or Free Online Library, with a link back to the client’s website. This not only drives traffic to the site, but also provides a valuable link. When search engines see that a site has links pointing to it from valuable sites (sites with high “Page Rank”), it increases the authority of the client’s site and makes it show up even better in search results.

So that’s a brief taste of what an SEO content writer does. Articles are created, applying trade secrets to maximize search engine appeal, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the client’s results in search engines.

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What is an SEO content writer?

Typewriter, by Virginia HammerAn SEO content writer is someone who provides writing, usually in the form of short articles, for websites for the purposes of SEO. Your writing helps online businesses rank higher in search results.

Wait… what’s SEO?

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Want your client’s website to show up first in a list of Google search results? That’s what optimization is for. Getting to the top of search engine results is the holy grail.

As an SEO content writer, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of SEO, just the basic idea. Ideally, content writing should be one piece of a comprehensive strategy that your client will already have worked out. They just need you to write the articles for them.

What SEO content writers do for their clients

Why don’t clients write their own articles? Well, first, not everyone’s an eloquent writer. Second, not everyone knows the secrets of optimization. And finally, clients are often just plain busy. So, they outsource their writing tasks to you.

Now, how do your articles help them get to the top of search results? They make effective use of certain factors search engines use to determine who appears higher in results. Those factors include keyword density, keyword placement, content length, links, and more. We’ll be talking about these factors more in later articles.

These and other factors are the trade secrets of SEO writing. They may seem arcane at first, but it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

Why SEO writers are valuable

So, what’s an SEO content writer? It’s someone who gets online clients ranked higher in search results by means of optimized writing.

It’s not difficult to see why such writing is valuable. In today’s fast-paced, time-crunched business world, taking the time to write content is often a task best outsourced. Leave it to those who know just how to arrange the article to please the search engines, without sacrificing readability for a live human audience. Most of all, considering the fright with which many put pen to paper, why not just let a confident writer take all those worries away?

That’s why clients are willing to pay you good money for optimized content.

And you thought that four-year degree in English was worthless!

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SEO content writer divulges secrets of the industry

Magician... by Ev0luti0nary

Magicians never reveal their secrets... but we do.

Magicians never reveal their secrets.

Fortunately, SEO content writers do (at least, this one does!).

I’m constantly discovering new things about search engine optimization.  On this blog, you’ll learn what I learn in my continuing studies.

What’s the point of this blog?

The goal of this blog is to explore the utility of blog posts for SEO purposes.  Each post will divulge SEO secrets.  Moreover, each will exemplify basic principles, such as keyword density and structure.

For example, the article you’re reading right now is optimized for the keyword “SEO content writer.”  How do you think search engine results are affected by the locations this keyword shows up in the article, and the frequency with which it appears?  Are there any other important keywords in this article?

As you read this blog, you’ll soon be able to figure it out with ease.

As this blog grows, it will contribute to the optimization of the website.  By following along, you’ll get to see first-hand how the process works.

What can I learn here?

You’ll learn the basics.  As we go along, I’ll be explaining the simple stuff.  The basics are really pretty straightforward, and it won’t take you long to catch on.

You’ll learn the hard stuff, too.  While the basics are simple, the workings behind the curtain are complex.  How does Google decide the order in which to report results in searches?  What does it take into consideration?  Can you get bumped up in search results, or penalized, based on what you write?  Most importantly, how do you get your website to show up on the first page?

Since Google doesn’t publish it’s algorithm, it’s up to individuals to experiment and discover what gets better results in searches.  Experts get together and compare notes, and some of them then share.  As I learn from the experts and make discoveries of my own, I’ll share them right here with you.

Aspiring SEO content writers: Follow this blog!

So, if you want to learn how the magicians do their tricks, follow this blog.  Tweet and share posts you find useful.  Subscribe if you want regular email updates.  Most of all, share your own insights in the comments.

Thank you!

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