B. T. Newberg, photo courtesy Leora Effinger-Weintraub 2011Hi. I’m B. T. Newberg, writer and researcher in the psychology of religion and nonreligion.

My research interests include:

psychology of religion and nonreligion
social status effects in religion
self-conscious emotions in religion

I’m also a participant-observer in two of today’s least-understood religious communities, Spiritual Naturalism and Contemporary Paganism, which gives me a unique perspective on modern spirituality. In this capacity, I serve as Education Director for the Spiritual Naturalist Society, and Advising Editor for the community blog Humanistic Paganism.

Why study religion and nonreligion?

The religious and nonreligious have become extremely polarized, especially in the United States. By studying the evolutionary and cognitive mechanisms behind religion, as well as those that give rise to nonreligion, we can arrive at a better understanding of each other and ourselves. The potential for a more peaceful and cooperative relationship is on the horizon.

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